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Dana is an ordinary girl with extraordinary talent. She was encouraged by a jazz pianist to step out into the mainstream. So Unexpected is her response, a collection of eight originals and four covers. It is a swinging set that packs a soft punch, just the right dose for good listening. Marcine is a lady to watch.

  • D. Oscar Groomes
  • O's Place Jazz Magazine

Dana Marcine will woo you with her lyricism and deep sense of pleasure. She radiates kindness and joy. You can't ask for more than that. Bravo!

  • Sam Goodyear
  • Actor, Musician, Radio Personality

Dana Marcine has a lovely voice and excellent diction. The seven originals by Dana Marcine are great, and the songs tell appealing stories. A great singer and songwriter! ( about Crossing Lights CD )

  • Peter Kuller
  • Australia

As soon as I heard her lilting, songful first words, I knew she had a voice unlike most others. I thought I was listening to Peggy Lee. I just knew she was a singer. I love her original Long Island Serenade song... and so will others. Singer/songwriter Dana Marcine has been profiled in a new biography "Sinatra Singing", which explores how the greatest jazz singers have been influenced by Sinatra's talents. Marcine is named as one of the "New Citizens Of The Jazz Community" alongside Michael Buble, Maude Maggert, and Jane Monheit. " I remember Sinatra when I am singing a tune like "New York, New York", which I sang for former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. I hope somewhere Sinatra is smiling," she said.

  • Richard Grudens
  • Celebrity Profiles Publishing

It's not often you get a new jazz diva who writes her own rather than dip into the chestnuts, but Marcine is out to break the mold. A sophisticated kind of singer, she has the background and chops to assure that she's going to hit all the right notes, and she puts it all into the service of bringing her original art songs home. She's the kind of singer that keeps you coming back to your favorite up market lounge. This is a nice set of satisfying adult listening that works well throughout.

  • Chris Spector
  • Midwest Record Rev

Remarkable! Blessed with a great voice... a terrific voice. Dana can sing practically anything and make it irresistible.

  • Sammy Dallas Bayes
  • Director/Choreographer
  • Musical Theater National Tours